Tuesday, May 26, 2009

spring poem

Ok, so I'm really really REALLY late in posting this. I wrote it when I was bored at work on April 6th. My friend, Trish, was still wishing for snow and we had quite a few late snowstorms. So, yeah, here is my poem:

I'm ready for spring,
Ready to smell the flowers,
Ready to run and swing.
Ready to put my coat away,
Ready to have fun
And play outside all day.
It is April, after all,
So won't you please
Give Mother Nature a call
And let her know,
That we are done
With the cold and snow.
And so my dear friend, Trish,
Will you please stop
Making snow your wish?
Mother Nature listens to you,
And I don't know
What else to do.
Don't you want a day
That is sunny and warm
So you can grab a blanket and lay
On the grass and read a book?
Or go in the mountains
And walk and look
At all the flora and fauna,
C'mon, admit it
You know you wanna!
So, then are we agreed
That more snow is
Not what we need?
So I beg you, Trish
Make sunny weather
Your next wish!

I thought it was fun. But, then, I am kind of biased. :)

well, now i know

So my topic for my talk on Sunday is spiritual self-reliance. Yeah, I'm clueless. Hopefully I can write a decent talk. If I don't, maybe I'll talk Gaston into eloping this weekend so I can get out of it. :) I joked with my visiting teacher about doing just that last Sunday.

On another note, I've been on call for jury duty this week. So far I don't have to go. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Who hates to speak in church?

I do!!

Who has to speak in church next Sunday?

I do.

Who doesn't know the topic she is supposed to speak on?

That's me again!

Yeah, so I was asked today to speak in church next week and he said the bishop would let me know the topic after church. I still don't know. I know it hasn't been that long since church ended, but it has been long enough that I'm starting to feel stressed out about it. I really hate speaking in front of a lot of people. Do you think anyone would mind if I just printed off my talk and handed it out to people as they walked in so they could just read it instead of me speaking? I think that is a fabulous idea. :)

Too bad the bishopric probably wouldn't agree with me.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

is that a garage door on my ceiling?

I just entered a really cool contest. If you go to http://lisalouwho.blogspot.com you can enter too. But I really don't think you should enter. You probably won't like anything that she is giving away, so don't even go there and look. After all...the more people who enter, the less chance I have of winning. :) So really, don't enter.